Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spider-Man X-men: Arcade's Revenge

I think I have a high tolerance for crappy games, or maybe I just do not mind them.

There have been games I just did not enjoy though. I will focus on on here.
Spider-Man X-men: Arcade's Revenge. I am not even sure how I should type the title, is it one big run-on? Does the colon belong there? No idea. Anyway, I bought this game pre-internet. The box art looks really nice. It looks like a panel depicting an awesome battle from a comic book!

Then the game begins. The first level, you play as Spider-man. No choices, just Spider-man. For abilities you have web-slinging and swinging, jumping, climbing, and running. The goal of the level is to collect red-flashing lanterns and avoid hazards. That's it. You collect them all and you get to the actual character select screen, and get to choose one of the X-men.

Each character has their own sets of levels to complete with a boss, and then I'm sure something happens after that. I never finished this game, or really cared to. The initial Spider-man level made me not like the game, and it never got much other play except from friends who wanted to see how the game was.

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