Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TurboGrafx16, awesome frustration

The TurboGrafx16. This is a really awesome system, 8-bit main processor, but 16-bit graphics processor. Also, once the CD-ROM was released, it was the first CD based console. The games are fun and look great.

But, what is frustrating? The current availability of the system and software.

When the TG16 was actively sold, it's competition was the NES and Genesis. That's a lot of competition, and that's what most people bought. That makes finding the system now quite difficult, and when you do find it, you're going to pay a premium for it.

I got lucky getting myself a nice boxed system, but games are pretty hard to come by locally. So, I end up going to ebay, and paying way too much.

As far as the system goes, I have my gripes about it too. It seems like everything was an add-on for this system. I understand a CD add on, it obviously was not coming with that. But, A/V connections was an add-on. You need to get the turbo-charger, I think it was called. If you do not have it, you are stuff but RF output only. But, the one add-on that gets me the most: ONE CONTROLLER PORT! At least the 3DO has that weird controller daisy chain thing to deal with it's one port, and some versions of the CD-I has another port on the back (stupid, but usable). But, not NEC's TG-16, they wanted you to buy a multi-tap for player two, or be forever alone.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

King of the Monsters 2

King of the Monsters 2. I love this game.

I remember getting this game back in Super NES awesome times. I never played the original King of the Monsters, but remember seeing it on the TV show "Nick Arcade". They would show the Neo Geo version on the show.

I only played the Super NES version of KotM2. No one I knew had a Neo Geo back then. I have my Neo Geo now, but lack that game. It be great to play it on the original hardware it was meant for, but judging by screenshots I saw, the SNES version is pretty decent port.

The gameplay was pretty straight forward. You picked between 3 monsters, a robot monkey, an Ultra-man looking fellow, and a Godzilla ripoff. You would rampage through a city beating up small baddies, and face off with a level boss at the end of each level. The game became more difficult as the game progressed. There were power ups to make the monster 2 levels stronger, and you could charge up as well to cause more damage.

All and all, it's a fun game. Everyone should try it out. Good, standard beat-em up side scroll-er.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Virtual Boy, a commentary

I feel stupid for making a post about virtual boy. Everyone likes to beat on it. But, all and all, I like the console. It is 3D. It problem is just being red, very very red.

Getting past that though, it's not too bad, I really like Pinball and Wario Land for it. Red alarm and 3D Tetris feel unfinished.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New direction for this site

Hello no one,

The site will be taking a new direction, no longer limited to comics and cars. I will merge in some of retro video game and computing.

The other blog site, DeanVGC (video game collecting) will keep to stuff I buy and find. While appearances of the same items on this site should be accompanied by some kind of review or commentary.

Also, since there is more commentary, it which will probably lead to typos and such. So, do not mind the style and errors.
Hackers the movie