Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spider-Man X-men: Arcade's Revenge

I think I have a high tolerance for crappy games, or maybe I just do not mind them.

There have been games I just did not enjoy though. I will focus on on here.
Spider-Man X-men: Arcade's Revenge. I am not even sure how I should type the title, is it one big run-on? Does the colon belong there? No idea. Anyway, I bought this game pre-internet. The box art looks really nice. It looks like a panel depicting an awesome battle from a comic book!

Then the game begins. The first level, you play as Spider-man. No choices, just Spider-man. For abilities you have web-slinging and swinging, jumping, climbing, and running. The goal of the level is to collect red-flashing lanterns and avoid hazards. That's it. You collect them all and you get to the actual character select screen, and get to choose one of the X-men.

Each character has their own sets of levels to complete with a boss, and then I'm sure something happens after that. I never finished this game, or really cared to. The initial Spider-man level made me not like the game, and it never got much other play except from friends who wanted to see how the game was.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Super Double Dragon

Super Double Dragon, on the Super Nintendo.

I love this game. Friends and I played this game so much, I'm surprised the cartridge did not explode.

Looking at it now, there was nothing extraordinary about it, just a side-scroller beat'em up. Just so much fun. Seemed like we always had just enough credits to reach the end boss, but not always to beat him.

Go play this game.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Hello no one.

I think it's nifty how when you download virtual console game on the 3DS store, it comes gift wrapped on the 3DS home screen. Then, you click to unwrap it. I LOVE PRESENTS!


I Recently downloaded Mario Land 2 for the 3DS virtual console. I've always like 2 better than the original mario land. The original is not a bad game, just different. I'll probably play it again soon. Mario Land 2 introduced us to Wario, Mario's yellow wearing doppelganger, who would later go on to be playable in Mario Land 3. As with Mario Land 1, game development was directed by someone different that Mario creator Miyamoto, thus the game has a different feel and flow to it. But, still very fun.

The game has a good flow to it with the different zones, give it a 'level select' feel. I'm not a fan of the last level of the space zone. It's an auto-scroll level where you are dodging stars you can't touch at all. Normally for Mario, stars mean awesome invincible time, but not these mean stars, they are out for blood.

The last level, Wario's Castle, to me, is crazy hard. It's one big level, no check point, with a 3 tiered fight with Wario at the end. I have not got through it yet. Hopefully soon.

Hackers the movie